When Dreams are delayed

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When Dreams are Delayed

Proverbs 13:12a Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

God Gets It! God understands when your hopes are delayed or deferred or denied. And God knows it makes your fragile heart a little bit sick.

Now I want to say to you - there's that spirit of delay. It's stopping your dreams; it's stopping this convergence. So the Lord says, “I want you to be spiritually astute. I don't want you to just let life pass you by and assume this is a natural thing when we live in two kingdoms, the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. The kingdom of darkness wants to stop your dreams, stop you from advancing, and the kingdom of light wants you to go forward; God's power wants you to go forward.”

1 Samuel 1 talks about Hanna. She had a dream of being a mother but her dream was delayed to the point of despair. Hanna was barren and couldn't give her husband a son. In her culture this was considered a curse. Why was Hanna's dream delayed?

1 Samuel 1:4 On the day when Elkanah sacrificed, he would give portions to Peninnah his wife and to all her sons and daughters. 5 But to Hannah he gave a double portion, because he loved her, though the Lord had closed her womb.6 And her rival used to provoke her grievously to irritate her, because the Lord had closed her womb.

We can see clearly that she wasn't barren because of a curse but God closed her womb. Why did a loving God did this? Maybe we have also a dream delayed, just like Hanna and we question ourselves why? Maybe you cried bitter tears and are discouraged but your situation is about to change!

It's better to have the God of blessing than just the blessing of God!

  • Problems and trials make us draw near to God
  • It's in crisis mode that we pray more and obtain spiritual endurance
  • The greatest lessons of life are learned during seasons of suffering.

The love of God is manifested in times of trouble

  • After Hanna got pregnant she saw the birth of Samuel as an extraordinary miracle and she gave her son back to the Lord.
  • Hanna understood the source of the miracle and instead of using him as a trophy she gave him back to God.

God's dreams are greater than our own dreams!

  • Hanna's dream was motherhood. God's dream was for Hanna to be the mother of the greatest prophet of her generation.
  • God delayed the dream because he had a better thing than Hanna ever dreamed or imagined.

3 Things that destroy our dreams

  1. Jealous acquaintances - Penina was constantly nagging Hanna and this caused her to feel like she was second class.

  2. People that misunderstand our motives - The priest thought that Hanna was drunk when she was really filled with the Spirit of God. Not only he didn't evaluate things properly but was quick to pass judgement .

  3. People that tell you to give up - Hanna's husband loved her but also told her that her love was better than 10 children. People with no faith can comfort you but they will kill your dreams.

7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream

  1. Dream it - Think about it!
  2. Believe in God - Hanna continued praying and confessing her dream
  3. Believe in God's promises - Hanna kept a prophetic word she received form the priest
  4. Confess it! Speak your dream to yourself and others
  5. Plan it - Make plans to accommodate your dream
  6. Prepare - Study subjects and work on your skills.
  7. Live the dream! Enjoy the favour of God

Father, we thank You, Lord, that we're going to accept and we're going to believe that nothing is impossible. There is a dream convergence going on, there is restitution going on, there is favor going on. Lord, we receive it!

God-sized dreams are rarely served up fast food style. In fact often, they come slower than slow cooked.

One Bible character who knew a little something about delayed dreams was Joseph. At 18 years old he dreamed that his older brothers would bow down to him. Instead they sold him into slavery in Egypt. Over the course of about nine years, he worked his way to the top of Potiphar’s team, but was then falsely accused of attacking his boss’ wife, which landed him in jail. While there he made a couple of friends and practiced his dream interpretations. When Joseph was 30, Pharaoh called for him to interpret his own difficult dream. Pharaoh was so impressed he made Joseph the second most powerful person in Egypt. Joseph helped Egypt store up enough supplies to endure the coming famine, and eventually his brothers came begging for sustenance. After some trickery, Joseph finally reveals his identity to his brothers and they fall down before begging for mercy. Joseph was 41 years old. He waited 23 years for the fulfillment of his dreams.

Sometimes delays are just delays, giving you or God time to set just the right conditions for your dreams to become realities.